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  • Product Name : Facade Wall Cladding - Stone Honeycomb Panels
    Size : 011
    Country of Origin : China
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  • Xiamen Honeycomb Stone Panels Co.,Ltd specialized in Lightweight Stone Honeycomb Panels,Honeycomb Stone Panels,Super thin Stone Panels for interior and exterior wall cladding for commercial and residential projects.


    Advantages of Honeycomb Stone Panels:

    (1). Real Thin

    (2). Real Stone

    (3). Real Strong

    (4). Real Flexible

    (5). Real Lightweight

    (6). Real Energy-saving

    (7). Real Economic and Easy to Installation



    Applications of Honeycomb Stone Panels:

    For Interior, they can be used for Elevator's Wall and Floor, for Subway and Train, for Aircraft, Marine, Boat Yacht, for Ceiling, Countertops and as partitions for restrooms etc.


    For Exterior, They can be used for facade wall claddings such as curtain walls and Rain Screens for Commercial buildings,Residential buildings, for Government, Hospital, Education, Retails, Hotels and For Villas as well.


    Learn More: https://www.honeycombstonepanels.com/honeycomb-stone-panels-products.html